Colour connotations

Each colour has their own connotations. What that basically means is that when you look at a colour, it affects you and can make you feel a certain way. If used correctly, they can persuade people to behave, or see things, differently. Different colours can also give things different meanings. For instants, when you see a horror movie poster, it’s most likely to involve black, red and possibly certain shades on green, depending on the type of film. I’ll get on to why that is later.



Colour connotations:


Danger, blood, anger, heat, intimidating, revolution, military aspect, love, sex, passion, stimulant, can effect body heat (hotter), can effect time perception (faster).


Stimulating, love/happy connotation, comfort, autumnal, cancels out extremes of red and yellow.


 Happy, vibrant, youthful, spring, sun, daffodils/sunflowers, mellow (darker yellows).


Peace, nature, neutral, balancing, horror, sickening, alien, cancels out extremes of yellow and blue.


Cold, blues (music), depressing, atmospheric, awe, spiritual, can effect boy heat (cooler), can effect time perception (slower).


Authoritative, absolute authority, religion, royalty, sensual, class.


Purity, hygiene, cleanliness.


Darkness, class, hidden, expense, witchcraft, occult.


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